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Arduino, Seeeduino and XBee

Three weeks ago I have started to make a more deeply research on electronic platforms dedicated for Wireless Sensor Networks. I take into consideration 2 main aspects: cost (very important when the budget is low and the solution should be possible to be implemented even in not rich people houses) and characteristics (functionalities offered by the platform and how they could be extended more coresponding to our needs).

After many found solutions (iSense, Libelium Waspnode, MeshBean, Particle Computer, MicroStrain, Dust network, Econotag, Redbee, Tyndall, Mica2, etc.), I get to the conclusion that they are quite expensive :-s. If I had to continue the development from the scratch it will take me years. But I didn’t give up, I search more and more until … found it – something that really like… I found first Seeeduino Stalker v2.0, then Arduino and XBee. I knew XBees and before but I didn’t considered them suited for my project until now.

The Seeduino Stalker is a base platform for Wireless Sensor Network, and at a price of 39$, I considered much cheaper like other similar products. Also, it have enough functionalities for what we need. I ordered 2 pieces and hope to have them next week to start testing. Also, I ordered 2 XBee 2 Series with chip antenna for using with the Stalker. The full list of functionalities of the Stalker are presented in the second image bellow.

Maybe many people are used with Arduino but for me is something new. From Seeeduino, I found Arduino and bought one hardware board Duemilanove. I tested it a lot the last day and I was really happy what was able to implement. The programming of the microcontroller, using the Arduino IDE, is quite simple.

The XBee modules could test since I don’t have them but from reviews I uderstand that they could be very easily configured and used with Arduino board and Seeeduino Stalker.


External Research Stage in European Union, 2011

February 7, 2011 Leave a comment

My research project allow me the possiblity to go to an external University (outside Romania) where to make a part of my project  and then come back to finish it. The external research stage could take maximum of 4 months. It is a good oportunity to see in another place how the research is done and also it permits to create a collaboration between projects, change experience and maybe work together at some research papers. If you are from an University where you have laboratories on WSN, control or monitoring systems or intelligent building systems please send me a message. I will be glad to change some words with you.

Researcher and designer day in Romania

November 19, 2010 Leave a comment

Today, 19 November 2010, is the researcher and designer day in Romania. I just want to say: Happy birthday and best results in your work! 🙂



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Project description

Title of the project:

Contributions at the development of an intelligent area for increasing the energy efficiency in the Institute of research/development PRO-DD

Domain of research:

The technologies in the informational society


One idea of the project is to stimulate the experimental progress on the research of the wireless sensor networks (WSN) – pointing on the monitoring and control of the office/home spaces (smart office, smart home).

It will be developed a system, software and hardware, which to implement this functions. In the same time, it will be considered to integrate other functional systems, under development as research projects, dedicated for: energy management, for decreasing the energy consumption (by example: the control of photovoltaic panels, hot water panels, automatic change from one energy source to another, intelligent lightning, etc.) and for ensuring of other auxiliary functionality (by example: access control, ensuring the ambient conditions, security, etc.). All the systems considered are part or will be part of the research/development institution.

The system is based on a wireless sensor networks, which to permit the monitoring and control of the offices space or other type of rooms or external elements (equipments).

The final result is to obtain an intelligent building (smart building). All the room of the building will be monitoring using the wireless sensor nodes (hardware) and one system of software applications will permit to view the recorded information and the control of the entire system.


ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: This research project is supported by the Sectoral Operational Programme Human Resources Development (SOP HRD) financed from the European Social Fund and by the Romanian Government under the project number POSDRU/89/1.5/S/59323.

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Hello everybody!

Hello everybody on our website and thanks for encouraging the research progress. We have tried and we try to organize the website in the best way and to put useful information for our visitors. More information will appear on the website during the developing of the project and after finalizing different steps from it. Sorry if there appear English mistakes in the content of this website. We try our best.

Have a nice day!

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