USB Data Acquisition Device

The USB Data Acquisition device was developed based on the PIC18F4550 micro-controller. The aquisition device could record digital and analog signals and display their values on the computer (into o client software application). Also, from the software application it is possible to set/unset some digital outputs.

The electronic circuit was installed into a proper cover. Even it was not professional realized it is functional and acceptable for a beta version (considering that I’m quite new in designing and developing of electronic circuits).

USB Data Acquisition

USB Data Acquisition

USB Data Acquisition

USB Data Acquisition

2 leds indicate the status of the USB connection. Also at each digital input/output it is connected a led to indicate the state of the signal. This device was a good example for testing the USB communication using this type of micro-controller.

Software application interface:

USB Data Acquisition Software

Acquisition Software

The client application automatically detects when the USB device is attached or dettached from the computer and display a proper message in the status bar. The values of analogic and digital signals are displayed using proper interface controls. The application was developed using Microsoft Visual C# Express.

The driver used for installing the USB device and for communicate with it from the software application is MCHPUSB (it comes with the Microchip USB Framework  – it includes and a lot of usefull examples).

PIC18F4550 specifications: link

  1. peter
    March 22, 2011 at 12:46 am

    hi i am also new to this can you help me or send me you sours code to make some experimets my self

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