PIC18F4550 USB Test Device

The first step in using micro-controllers was to create a device which to be recognized as a valid USB device and which to communicate with a computer using the USB communication. The selected micro-controller for this small project was PIC18F4550, which is common used into a variety of projects and usefull examples could be found on Internet.

Initialy it was studied the description of this type of the micro-controller, then started to design the electrical board which have to be able to make on and off 2 leds, corresponding to the status of the USB communcation. Since the USB communication include different steps of initialization of the device it was very easy to the user to determine the state of the device by analyzing the leds state.

PIC18F4550 USB Test Device

PIC18F4550 USB Test Device

The available pins of the micro-controller (analog or digital) permit to develop even more the testing board by adding different type of sensors, variable resistors, leds, etc.

A client software application was also developed for this device and it was modified according to the necessities. The main task of it was to detect automatically when the device is attached to the computer or when it was dettached from the computer.

The MCHPUSB driver (provided with the Microchip USB Framework) have been used for installing the device and link the client software application to the USB communication.

The firmware software application, dedicated to the micro-controller, was created with MPLAB IDE software tool and installed on micro-controller memory using the PicPgm USB Programmer, presented on this blog.


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