Shields for Seeeduino Stalker v2

Firstly a general design have been created which to provide the following requirements:

  • ensure an interface with the XBee module (for control and monitor the Sleep mode, control the power supplied to the module);
  • be able to use the microSD card (for storing information – card detection and control the power applied to the card);
  • identify automatically the shield attached.

The general format have been completed with necessary components for realizing the different type of shields (with different puropses). According to my research project requirements, the following shields (presented below and which could be easily attached to the Seeeduino Stalker v2 board) have been designed and developed:

Shield SHT11 v1.0

– allows to measure the temperature and relative humidity;

– using the values determined for temperature and humidity the dew point could be easily calculated.

Shield Actuators v1.0

– allows to control 2 electrical devices (on/off power) – each of them requires maximum 10A at 230V.

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