Wireless communication

In our project, the communication between the devices should be made wireless. In this way the system could be installed even if the building is completely constructed, since it’s not necessary to insert specially wires for communication into the walls. This is a big advantage from this point of view. It is taken into consideration implementation cost and maintenance possibilities.

There are studied different wireless protocols, for being able to decide which one is the best for our case:

  • Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11) – it is used especially for wireless local networks and is not dedicated for low power networks where the energy consumption is critical;
  • Bluetooth (IEEE 802.15.1, version 1.1) – dedicated for transmitting huge quantity of data on a short range; the energy consumption for data transmission is high;
  • IrDA – it dedicated for short range communication and where the devices are visible optical, one to another;
  • ZigBee / ZigBee Pro (IEEE 802.15.4) – designed specially for the Wireless Sensor Networks, it permits communication on a long range and with low consumption of energy;
  • ZWave – communication protocol designed for building automation. It uses low power radio devices for communication.
  • DASH7 (ISO/IEC18000-7) –
  • Wiebree (Bluetooth ultra low power, Bluetooth low energy) –
  • ONE-NET – .

From all this standars DASH7 impress me in a good way. It’s capability to penetrate walls and water and the communication range represent a big advantage in the implementation of our project. That’s why we will give more attention for presenting this standard.


Since I have worked before with ZigBee, a comparison between ZigBee and DASH7 will point the most important aspects and advantages of the new one (DASH7). The decision of choosing one standard or another will be made in time after more tests.

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