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First deployment of larger scale WSN

A few days ago I finish developing a larger scale WSN: 73 end nodes, with 2 types of sensors shields, 7 router nodes and 1 coordinator node. After a few test in the office with just a small part of them, it was time to test the entire network into the field. The nodes have been deployed into a classroom of the new Institute of the Transilvania University of Brasov … and power them on. The Driver application was used for configure each node of the network and start the monitoring process. 2 days of tests show us which are the problems which could appear into the system and what it is necessary to be optimized or new functionalists to be added. The most important of them are related to networks node detection and energy consumption. In the near future we have to do modification on the Driver application and on the firmware application also.

A few picture of the initial tests are presented below:


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Start implementing a large scale WSN for ambient conditions monitoring

March 16, 2012 2 comments

The previous week there have arrived all the components ordered with a few months before. The acquisition process was complex and a lot of time was lost with different types of necessary documents, modifying them or just ‘inventing’ new documents. But fortunately, all the components have arrived and they look to be properly to our needs.

This week I have started to assemble them together for being able to make the first tests with a larger scale network. Every network’s node will be put into a protection enclosure, will be based on the Seeeduino Stalker v2.1 platform and XBee series 2 wire antenna modules. Each battery has a capacity of 3000mAh, so it will ensure a long life for the end device, of course respecting some energy constraints rules.


The shield layers are almost completed (soldering process) and they will be the next components to be attached to the network’s nodes. It is important that the network to be fully tested into the laboratory before deployment into the field.

Some tests launched today with the network help to discover some problems to the Driver application (the software application dedicated for configuring the WSN and for storing the information recorded by the sensors) but they have been rapidly corrected. The large number of the nodes will allow us to determine more easily the problems of the systems and where are necessary optimizations to be done, or just add extra functionality.



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