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Seeeduinoboot v0.2

The version 0.2 of the Seeeduinoboot is now available …

The new version add some new updates:

  •    the XBee module is waked up, to be sure that it is not sleeping, before sending a confirmation response back (ZigBee Transmit Request);
  •   the _record type_ byte from the telegram has been eliminated;
  •   the _payload id_ field from the telegram has been increased from 1 byte to 2 bytes.

The new telegram format, which should be received by the bootloader application:
|| start byte    ||  length || frame type || 64bit sender address || 16 bit sender address || options ||  payload id || start address || record type || data || checksum ||
|| 1 byte (0x7E) || 2 bytes || 1 byte     || 8 bytes              || 2 bytes              || 1 byte  || 2 byte || 2 bytes || 1 byte || n bytes || 1 byte ||

During the tests it was observed that setting on XBee module a longer time before going to sleep will decrease significant the time necessary for firmware application update procedure to completes.

Link to Google code page: http://code.google.com/p/seeeduinoboot/

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