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The 7th International Conference on Intelligent Environments – impressions

The 7th International Conference on Intelligent Environments have just ended a few days before and I want to come with some impressions from the conference. First of all I was really pleased for how the conference have been organized and the serious character of it. All the papers,e even from workshops or other sections, have been grouped on the similar areas of interest. In this way I was able to participate to the presentation of the papers for which I was interested (I presented also my paper :D,  in the Bowden room of the Trent University). I liked also that the most of the conference papers were related on my research area and good ideas I found to be implemented into my project also. Do not forget, I meet very nice people, even students or teachers, which hope to met them again.

Only one think was I expected and not received: a printed proceedings copy (it was distributed in electronic format). I usually prefer to read in printed format … anyway the electronic format is much easy to be carried with you.

The next year the conference was announced to be held in Mexico … less possibilities to get there, but as soon as it will be organized in Europe I will be pleased to participate again.

The Nottingham city is nice and full of history (Robin Hood story is one of them).