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Seeeduino Stalker v2.0 – first test

I just received my packages with the order from Singapore (Seeeduino company). I waited for it a lot. For a simple test I configure the devices as in the figure presented below.

The both XBee radio modules (series 2) have been configure with the application X-CTU and the firmware was updated to the last version. One radio device was configured as coordinator AT and one as router AT (using the same application). I succeded very easy to make a simple communication between them and after that install a simple Arduino application (which just blink a led) on the Seeeduino Stalker device.

My first impresion is that it easy to work with them and doesn’t require many knowledge about electronics (this is the advantage of having separated functionalities on modules). I will do more experiments with them these days and do more complex applications (I need more time to do this since I want also the information to be stored into a database for future processing).

I also have a good help, a book which I order some time ago: Building Wireless Sensor Networks with ZigBee, XBee, Arduino and Processing (by Robert Faludi, O’Reilly Media – could be found on Amazon at a good price).


Open Source Building Management System

A few days ago I made a research for founding more details about the BMS (Building Management System), what it includes, how it is possible to implement and the base features. It consist in 2 parts: hardware and software. The software part is represented by a complex software application with possibility to monitor and control all the building installations. The interconnection between the software and hardware is made usind dedicated hardware components and predefined communication protocols. The hardware part is quite clear. On software there are different sollutions which are expensive (this is and one reason why the BMS are integrated in large buildings). I try to found a free/open-source solution and found just one: OpenLynx … but it is not anymore available. It seems that they stop developing it. This was the only one free solution found.

For this reson I try to wonder if it will no be possible to start a BMS software implementation by myseft. How hard could it be?! A design plan should be made. I will analyze the idea more these days. If somebody is interested to colaborate, to test the versions of the BMS software or give good ideas at the developing just say.